To all EES Parts customers:

February 9th 2021

Thank you for your continued patronage and patience over the past year, where we have seen the worst shipping delays in recent history.

Receently we have experiences several cases in which the US Postal Service has taken possession of customer packages, but some of those packages have been held up in local shipping hubs due to staffing issues during the pandemic.

While some packages have been delayed, all items have reached their destination despite these issues.

For the majority of packages we ship using the US Postal Service Priority Mail, which means 2-3 day shipping under normal circumstances. However because of the impact of the pandemic on the postal service, we are seeing delays that go beyond expected delivery times.

We ask for your patience during reduced hours of order processing.

After your order is placed, we package the order and generate a shipping label, attach it to the box, and deliver it to the US Postal Service. At that point you receive a notification from us that the shipping label was printed.

When you check tracking, your order might only say that a “shipping label has been created” – but rest assured that your package is on the way. Unfortunately we can’t force the Postal Service to ship any quicker, which is why we are asking for everyone’s patience.

Any inquiries can be emailed to and we will do our best to respond as soon as possible.

Thank you again for your patience. Please be safe and follow all local and national recommendations to ensure that we stem the spread of coronavirus.

To All EES Parts Customers:  Welcome to our parts shopping cart. Many parts, such as pedals, rubber grips, and other common items are interchangeable between different brands. If you are looking for a common item and are not sure if our part will work, just send us an email to and we are happy to assist. 

If you have a photo of the part you need or any other model or product information, please include that in your email. 

If you do not see a specific Diamondback part you need on this site, please email your request to and we will confirm that we have what you need and provide an updated link. 

How to find a part:

  • On the right side of your screen you will see “Categories”
  • Select the drop-down menu, and scroll down to locate your model
  • Click your model, and scan for the part needed
  • If you do not see your part, email with your model number and a description of the part needed